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Profile Listing Example

The Profile Listing template is made up of one or more Profile sections made up of:

  • a single Middle Top Content section with a WYSIWYG. Use this to add an H1 to your page along with any introductory text. You need to expand this section on the Edit screen in order to edit it.
  • one or more Person Profile sections. Use the arrows to reorder, green + to add a new Person Profile and the red x to delete a Person Profile

person profile bar

  • a single Middle Bottom Content section with a WYSIWYG.

Optionsprofile settings

Profile Listing pages can now be displayed as a Grid. See our example layout.

It is important to keep your Information sections (the WYSIWYG) very short if you are using the Grid layout.

The Grid layout requires the use of images. Otherwise you can select no for Use Images to have a Profile Listing page that doesn't include images. This decision is made for

  • Full Name

    Full Name

    Add brief information about the person profiled.

    The recommended image size for each portrait is 198px wide x 231px high. The page looks best when all of the profile images are cropped to the same size.

  • Full Name II

    Full Name II

    Each Person Profile has fields to add:

    Full Name
    Image: recommended dimensions are 198 x 231 pixels
    Use Link: Internal or External
    Information (WYSIWYG): Avoid making this too long
    Notice how the image interacts with the surronding space if you have too much text here.
  • Full Name III

    Full Name III

    If you include a link (internal or external), both the Full Name and Image will link to the chosen destination.
  • Full Name IV

    Full Name IV

    Add information about the person profiled.

Second group of profiles

To add content between profiles, add an additional Profile section to the page using the green plus on the profile bar.

You will then have an additional Middle Top Content, a new set of one or more Person Profiles and an additional Middle Bottom Content.


You can:

  • reorder entire Profile sections, and
  • reorder Person Profiles within a section

But you can't reorder Person Profiles between two Profile sections.

If you need a person's entry to be in a different Profile section you will need to recreate it there and remove the previous one.

  • First Person in the Second Group

    First Person in the Second Group

  • Second Person in the Second Group

    Second Person in the Second Group

Middle Bottom Content

This WYSIWYG section is available at the end of each Profile section.