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Working With Modules

This page shows an example of each of the modules available in the CMS.

The examples below have basic information about the modules, but not all modules are equally suited for conveying detailed information. Most are designed to simply direct a user to a page where they can get more details.

Example modules:

The first link in each module provides best practices for that module.

Call to Action

Features a 550 x 370 pixel image that can be on the right or left. Background can be light or dark. If you don't have an image, we have a default Trident logo option. Has one linked button.

More Call to Action Examples

Call to Action Inset

Features a wide 1200 x 388 background image with a floating (inset) text box. Text box can be aligned right or left.

See More Call to Action Inset Examples

Callout Content

Callout Box Headline

Features wide 1200 x 410 pixel background image with two or three floating boxes.

More Callout Examples


No formatting on text. Length should be kept fairly short and even across the boxes. Each box has separate links.

What Not to Do

Text Block Module


Pre-styled WYSIWYG.that allows for


Requires care to not 'over format' the content.

Does not have a pre-formatted button.