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Intro Banner Images

Access a collection of pre-cropped images (1500 x 480 pixels) for the intro banner on the article template. To use these on your website:

  1. Click on the thumbnail image.
  2. Save the full-sized image to your computer.
  3. In your CMS site, select "Image" from the Add Content menu.
  4. Drag the image you saved into the "drop file(s)" box.
  5. Submit (save) the image.
  6. Edit the homepage (index) and select the image from the "Background Image" field. 

Note: These images are optimized for UC San Diego CMS sites and are to be used in official UC San Diego marketing and promotional materials only.

Credit: UC San Diego Publications
Copyright Regents of the University of California



hair burst

La Jolla

Geisel at night

ocean waves

plant closeup

Scripps Pier at sunset

TPCS at sunset