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About the Example Site

The CMS example site is your resource for quick guides, best practices, and image libraries for version 5 (V5) CMS sites. 

Note: This page is using the Advanced Option for an Intro Banner on an article page template.

Already in V5?

Want to upgrade?

We want to get you into the latest templates as soon as possible. Upgrade options include:

  1. Upgrading your current site (or "flipping" the site): This is the quickest option as we only require you to have new homepage content ready to roll when we make the switch. 
  2. Creating a new version 5 site: This takes longer but is recommended if you want to do a lot of reorganizing or you require a lot of review time.

Once you've decided to upgrade, fill out our CMS site request form.

Need help?

Check out the service hub knowledge base knowledge base where you can find, rate, and comment on articles about CMS tasks.

Or, email to contact the web content team.