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CMS Version 5 Image Library

The CMS version 5 modules are designed for specifically sized images:

  • Hero image (mandatory for each homepage): 1440 x 530 pixels
  • Call to Action module: 550 x 370 pixels
  • Call to action inset module: 1200 x 388 pixels
  • Callout content module: 1200 x 410 pixels
  • News with images module: 388 x 246 pixels

Note that these sizes are tested for modules on the homepage template and with the recommended amount of text. If you are using modules on other templates or have a substantially different amount of text, make sure to test your images on a variety of screen sizes.

Modules with multiple images (hero, news with images) should always use a consistent size throughout the module.

If you don't have images created for your website, in the right sizes, you can access a collection of images pre-sized for each module:

Note: These images are optimized for UC San Diego CMS sites and are to be used in official UC San Diego marketing and promotional materials only.

Credit: UC San Diego Publications
Copyright Regents of the University of California

Upload location

Images should be uploaded to an /_images folder (or appropriate subfolder).

Do not upload them into the /_modules folder. Images in the /_modules folder will not publish.