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colorful orbsCampus Brand Updates

UC San Diego has a refreshed brand. In partnership with University Communications, ITS's CMS team developed and tested new features and design elements that have now been rolled out to all standard V5 CMS websites, including Blink and TritonLink.

All CMS users and site managers should be aware of the new branding guidelines, to ensure accessibility and consistency across all website instances.

Learn about the new campus brand

What changed

  • You'll notice a new font, a move away from enforced capitalization, new pre-canned backgrounds, and new features in some modules.

  • Review what has changed to see details and examples.

  • This website now includes detailed examples and how-tos for your homepage template and all modules.

What you need to do

  • Review your website to make sure your updated home page, updated modules, and new graphics all look good.

  • Make additional manual website adjustments and enhancements as needed:
    • Homepage hero slide image backgrounds automatically switched to a default design; you can now:
      • Manually select a different on-brand background, or
      • Switch to a new image (use our image library or crop your own photo to hero-size), and/or
      • Add a newly available blue text box or gradient layer on top of your image

    • Call to Action modules with no image (formerly displaying a trident) automatically switched to a new design; you can now manually select a different design option if you so choose.

    • Call to Action modules with an image can now display one of two new colorful graphic layers on top of your existing photograph.

    • Call to Action Inset modules now have four pre-canned, on-brand background images to choose from, so you aren't required to upload your own image (although you can still do so).

    • Text Block modules automatically switched to a new background design; you can now manually switch to one of three additional, alternate options.

Don't forget!

  • You must manually replace any old-style trident and library outline graphics that were not changed in the automated rollout. University Communications requests that these elements be removed as soon as possible.

Example of decorative image with blue trident iconExample of image using outdated trident element

Look for graphics on your website that include trident images like the ones above. Work toward replacing these graphics as soon as you are able, and do not create any new ones.

  • Pass this information along to other staff and student workers who create graphics and promotional materials for your pages and programs.

  • Advise your department or program leaders that website graphics have changed and may need to change further as you finish incorporating campus brand updates into your website.