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Button and Link Text Options

Link text in the CMS modules should be limited to 2-4 words; longer text strings may distort the button graphic.

Try to be as descriptive as you can within this limited space. The headline and text that you place above the button can help you more clearly communicate where the user will be taken when they click the link.

Here are some ideas to get you started.  Remember:  Don't use "Click Here"!

Subscriptions / events

  • Sign Up for [x]
  • Join Us
  • Subscribe
  • Reserve Your Seat
  • RSVP Now / RSVP to [event]
  • Take This Course
  • Event Schedule
  • Calendar of Events


  • Download PDF
  • Get My Template
  • View / See the Org Chart [or short name of doc]

Invitations to continue

Include the name of your program, event, or topic [x] when you invite users to click for more information.

  • Get Started with [x]
  • Learn More About [x]
  • Read More About [x]
  • Details about [x]
  • More Information / More Info About [x]
  • Explore [x]
  • Discover [x]
  • About [x]
  • More About [x]

About Us / Contact info

  • Our Work
  • What We Do
  • Our Mission
  • Contact Us
  • Connect with Us
  • Stay in Touch
  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter