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School of Medicine Websites Migration 

Last updated October 23, 2023

The SharePoint 2016 Content Management System (CMS) that School of Medicine websites are currently using will be phased out on a rolling basis beginning now through 2024. Moving forward, all School of Medicine websites will be migrated to the campus CMS, Hannon Hill Cascade

Who is included

Clients included in the migration are limited to:

  • School of Medicine departments, divisions, and their affiliated units currently using SharePoint 2016 CMS.
  • Health Sciences currently using SharePoint 2016 CMS.

Clients NOT included in the migration: any sites not currently using SharePoint (e.g. faculty labs using WordPress). 

What you need to do

You will have two options to choose from to migrate your website. You will need to choose which option works best for you. This decision will be made at the department level. 

Option A - WTS Build

The Workplace Technology Services (WTS) team migrates your site for you.

Choosing this option means our team will handle all aspects of migrating your site and any of your affiliated SharePoint sites. We will build your site in accordance to UC San Diego branding standards and best practices for accessibility and responsive design.

  • PROS: limited involvement required from you, team of experts reviewing and optimizing your content and structure,  guaranteed project completion date.
  • CONS: you will have to wait until our team can get to your site.

Our team will reach out to your department 3-4 weeks prior to your scheduled migration date (see table below) to discuss next steps.

Option B - Advanced Client Build

You migrate your own site. 

Choosing this advanced option means you will be responsible for everything involved in migrating your site including building your site in accordance to UC San Diego branding standards and best practices for accessibility and responsive design.

  • PROS: you can move forward in the queue.
  • CONS: you will need to have the resources to manage the migration independently, you will need to complete all redirects before launch, our team's involvement is limited until a pre-launch quality assurance review that is required before scheduling your site launch.

Reach out to your department for prior approval. If you are a department and want to choose this option, complete the new site request form and our team will be in touch. 

Your team will be required to complete CMS training prior to beginning your site migration.

When your site will move

The migration will be divided into two phases based on which SharePoint templates your site is currently using and the technical specifications of your site. Our team will reach out to your department 3-4 weeks prior to your scheduled migration date to begin preparations. 

Note: This timeline is subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates. 

Phase I Departments/Divisions and Migration Start Date

Phase I focuses on School of Medicine Departments using old SharePoint 2013 templates + ACTRI.

Department/Division Target Migration Start Date
Emergency Medicine Migration completed
Urology Migration completed
Biomedical Informatics Migration completed
Dermatology Migration completed
Orthopaedic Surgery Migration completed
VCHS Migration completed 
Medicine Migration completed. *Divisions in progress
Neurological Surgery Migration completed
Neurosciences Migration completed
Regenerative Medicine Migration completed
Nephrology-Hypertension Migration completed
Hospital Medicine Migration completed
Cardiovascular Medicine Migration completed
Moores Cancer Center Migration completed
Pharmacology Migration completed
OB/GYN Migration completed
Psychiatry Migration completed
Geriatrics, Gerontology & Palliative Care Migration completed
General Internal Medicine Migration completed
Family Medicine Migration completed
ACTRI Migration completed
Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine & Physiology Migration Completed
CMM Migration Completed
Blood & Marrow Transplantation Migration Completed
Hematology-Oncology Migration Completed

Phase II Departments/Divisions & Migration Start Date

Phase II focuses on School of Medicine Departments using new SharePoint 2013 templates (Version 3) + remaining Health Sciences sites.

Department Target Migration Start Date
Surgery Migration Completed
Otolaryngology Migration Completed
Radiology Migration Completed
Internal Medicine Residency Program Migration Completed
Combined Medicine Pediatrics Residency Program Migration Completed
Glycobiology Research & Training Center  Migration Completed
Anesthesiology Migration Completed
Gastroenterology Migration Completed
Medical Education + SOM top level content In Progress
Ophthalmology February 2024
Remaining Health Sciences April 2024

Clients Completing Migration on Their Own (Option B)

These are clients who elected to migrate their own sites. If clients are not able to complete their own migration once WTS has finished with the other groups listed above, we will take over the migration. The timeline will vary depending on the progress each client has made by the time we take over the migration. 

  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Radiation Medicine
  • Department of Pathology 


Faith Slocum 
School of Medicine Web Manager