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Examples of What Changed

Updated website features and design elements were rolled out to all standard V5 CMS websites, including Blink and TritonLink. Here are examples of some of the changes you'll notice.

Overall look and feel

  • New font in page titles and headings (including homepage hero captions and module headlines)
  • All caps text is no longer automatically enforced for hero and module headings.
  • Rounded corners added to module images and buttons
  • Sand color replaced grey in shaded module backgrounds
  • New brand elements replaced trident and abstract library graphics in pre-canned styles, including hero and module backgrounds

Call to Action module before conversion

Call to Action module before conversion

Call to Action module after conversion
Call to Action module after conversion

Buttons - before conversion
Buttons before conversion

Buttons after conversion
Buttons after conversion

Module updates

All modules:

  • New headline font
  • Headlines no longer forced to display in all-caps
  • Rounded corners applied to all images and buttons

Call to action module:

  • Shaded "dark style" option changed from grey to sand color
  • Trident graphic background option replaced with two updated brand options

Example of CMS call to action module with trident image
example of Call to Action module with no image, yellow spray selection

The Call to Action module with no image previously displayed a yellow trident in one corner. These modules automatically converted to a new design (shown above). You may choose to edit the module to choose an alternate design.

Call to action inset module:

  • Rounded corners on floating box
  • Four new pre-canned background style options

Callout content module:

  • Blue text boxes (2, 3 or 4) now solid blue, instead of semi-transparent
  • Rounded corners applied to blue text boxes
  • Added updated pre-canned background style options

News with images module:

  • Module background behind images changed from grey to sand color
  • New animation effect when user hovers over each image

News Module - before conversion to new styles May 2023

News Module - after conversion to new styles May 2023

Text block module:

  • Medium blue background color changed to navy blue
  • Trident background graphic replaced with choice of three pre-canned options
  • Added option for a background image

Example of medium blue text block module, before conversion Example of navy blue text block module, after conversion
Example of navy blue text block module with colorful orb, available after conversion  Example of medium blue text block module with your own image background, available after conversion

The original medium-blue Text Block module (with trident overlay, first image above) automatically converted to a navy-blue background with a blue accent in the top-right corner. You may choose to edit the module at a later date to choose one of four available designs, including a solid navy-blue background with no accent color.

Image rotator module:

  • Improved slideshow controls and increased caption font size offer greater accessibility and ease of use

Other new features and enhancements

Homepage hero

  • New pre-canned options replaced trident and library graphics
  • No indent on blurb text under the headline
  • Brand-new blue shaded text box or gradient layer may now be added underneath your hero caption

Article intro banner

  • New pre-canned options replace trident and library graphics

Updated image library

  • Precropped images with new brand graphics and colors are now available for use within all modules; additional images will continue to be added through summer 2023

Examples of outdated elements (must be removed)

Surf through your site's pages to find older trident and/or library graphics. Some of these were automatically updated on May 25, 2023, but others must be changed manually!

Don't create any new marketing items or homepage graphics with these outdated elements.

Example of decorative image with blue trident icon
   Example of image using outdated trident element

Look for graphics on your website that include trident images like these. Work toward replacing these graphics as soon as you are able.

Example of CMS homepage hero image with library outline image
  Example of homepage hero image with medium blue trident

New background options are now available for the Homepage hero background and Article page intro banner. We should not be using any trident or library outline graphics; you may need to adjust these manually.

Coming soon:

These brand-related style elements will automatically appear across all CMS-based brand websites the week of September 25. An email announcement will be sent to all CMS users.

  • New campuswide website footer: Newly required links have been added to our footer. We must republish all websites to ensure the updates display everywhere.
  • Profile pages: Grey backgrounds change to sand, and profile images take on rounded corners, across all profile page templates.
  • Text-box shading: Shaded backgrounds in message and call-out boxes change from grey to sand.
  • Social media buttons: Social media icons are enlarged, with newly rounded corners. This will happen automatically if you're using our social-media list div style. Review your social-media display to make sure newer social icons look good (and adjust as needed).