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Drawer Template

The drawer template lets you organize content into "drawers" or expandable / collapsible subsections in the center of the page. Each drawer consists of a Drawer Title, where you enter a given section's title text and a Drawer Body, where you input its corresponding content. This template is ideal for lengthy content (such as FAQs).

The page content is made up of blocks in two locations:

  1. Left Blocks display content on the left column of the page, under the navigation.
  2. Middle Blocks display content in the center of the page.

Middle Blocks have three sections: Top, Drawers and Bottom.

The Top and Bottom sections can be WYSIWYG or a shared block (to insert a module, for example), much like the Middle Blocks of an Article Template.

Working with Drawers

  • Drawers can be added, deleted or reordered by using the plus, and delete icons.

    drawer controls

  • The buttons will be grayed out until you mouse over them.
  • Note: If you want to remove all the drawers from a page, the template needs to be changed. Email for assistance.

Drawer One

Contains logical content about the title information, in this case "Drawer One."

Drawer Two

Contains logical content about the title information, in this case "Drawer Two."

If you want to have separate groups of drawers on the same page, you will need to create multiple Middle Blocks, each with its own Top, Drawers and Bottom sections.

Drawer Styles

The default drawer style is 'dark' as displayed on the drawers above. You can change the style to 'light.'

Example of light style drawers

Note: This is just an image, you can't interact with this example.

light drawer example

Change the drawer style on a page

Note: You can only have one style of drawers per page (light or dark)

  1. Edit the page
  2. Scroll down to "Advanced Options." Click the Show radio button if needed.
  3. Click on Drawer Style Options to expand it

    drawer options
  4. Select 'Light'
  5. Submit your changes and Publish as normal